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Spiral Online Gothic Gift Shop

Sites that may be of interest...

Trellia at DeviantArt
My artwork at deviantart.com. There's lots of work there that isn't included on this website

The Spiral Online Shop
Fantastic website selling gothic, celtic and historical gifts including jewellery, replica weapons and unusual gifts! This is also my family's business, so if you buy from this store, you'll be supporting me!

Medieval Days

My father's other business! He will give talks on history at your school dressed in full period costume, and bring in genuine historical artefacts too! Will present from any period from Roman to Victorian. (Also, I designed this website...)

Schillerndes Dunkel
Official website of the book Schillerndes Dunkel, a massive project featuring myself plus leading figures in the Goth scene!

Goth [stereo] types have also featured in:

KunstStoff Kulturmagazin
German culture magazine.

Noize Magazine
Dutch Gothic/Industrial online magazine.


The Sophie Lancaster Foundation
This charity, which aims at promoting understanding and tolerance of subcultures, was set up in memory of Sophie Lancaster - the young woman murdered for being a Goth.

Gothic Charm School
Any and every goth needs to visit here! Fantastic writer Jillian Venters gives helpful, thoughtful and always amusing advice for both goths and non-goths. A must read!

Ross Campbell
An inspirational comic artist, creator of Wet Moon and The Abandoned, among other things. His technique and ideas are truly unique.


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