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4. The Fetish Goth
        fetish goth

Kinkyness has been a part of the Goth movement from the beginning since the first Goth musicians like Bauhaus started wearing chains, leather, fishnet and strappy bondage gear on stage.  Today the image (and lifestyle) remains popular, with modern Fetish Goths having an even wider range of sexy bondage-related clothes available to choose from.  Tattoos, piercings and other forms of body modification are also popular among this type.  And they quite possibly all have a set of handcuffs, mask/gag and some sort of spanking implement in their bedside table.

Pretty much every Goth band has written a song about kinky sex at some point, so there’s no real preferential genre associated with Fetish Goths, although 80s New Wave (eg. Depeche Mode) and Industrial (eg. Throbbing Gristle) tend to be more fetishy than most.

As one might expect, the stereotypical Fetish Goth has tried everything at least once everywhere and in every position, with every gender.  Or at least that’s what they’ll tell you.

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